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Marshalltown Broken-In Magnesium Hand Floats

MARSHALLTOWN's Broken-In Magnesium Hand Floats are ready for use straight out of the box, eliminating the need for any break-in period. Its pre-worn edges create a smoother finish on concrete with reduced risk of gouging. Expertly crafted with lightweight, durable magnesium to produce professional-grade results. Get perfect air entrainment on every job!

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Marshalltown "Broken-In" Magnesium Hand Floats are the perfect tool for achieving professional-grade finishes on all your concrete projects. Say goodbye to the tedious "break-in" period that most concrete tools require because these hand floats come out of the box pre-shaped and ready for immediate use.

The innovative broken-in style of these hand floats eliminates the need for time-consuming conditioning, saving you precious time and effort. With their pre-worn edges, you can confidently work on wet concrete surfaces without the fear of gouging. Prepare the surface flawlessly for troweling and achieve smooth, seamless results every time.

Crafted with a lightweight yet durable magnesium blade material, these hand floats offer exceptional performance and longevity. The smooth finish they provide surpasses that of traditional wooden hand floats. Choose from a range of blade lengths, from 12" to 24", to suit your specific project needs. All blades boast a width of 3 ⅛", ensuring optimal coverage and efficiency.

Personalize your experience further by selecting your preferred handle material. Opt for the grippy DuraCork® handle or the soft grip DuraSoft® handle, both designed to reduce fatigue and provide maximum comfort during extended use. Whichever handle you choose, rest assured that it will deliver superior control and maneuverability.

As a testament to their commitment to quality, Marshalltown "Broken-In" Magnesium Hand Floats are proudly Made in the USA with Global Materials. Marshalltown has been in the business for years, serving professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike with reliable tools that exceed expectations.

Don't settle for average finishes when you can achieve excellence with Marshalltown "Broken-In" Magnesium Hand Floats. Elevate your concrete projects to new heights of perfection. Order yours today and experience the difference firsthand.