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Corona offers a complete assortment of metal and plastic trays, plastic tray liners, and quality grids for 5-gallon paint pails. Corona also offers several combination kits containing some of their best selling trays, frames and covers.

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If you are looking for trays and kits for your next paint project, look no further than When you shop with us, you will have access to a wide selection of kits and trays.
Our Corona brand kits and trays are durable and can give you the stability you need to accomplish your painting goals. You deserve to have all the materials you need to get things done.
When it comes to finding the right size kit or tray, we offer several dimensions You will find that we have small options, like 2-quart sizes, all the way up to 5 quarts for the largest scale projects. We also offer several quality grids, frames, and covers.
The trays and kits that you browse through at can be either metal or plastic. We also have plastic liners to use in any model you choose.
The painters who shop with us come from all walks of life. They have different painting priorities and different ways of completing their projects. We want to help you find the tools that work for your style.
Whatever it is you are looking for in a kit or tray, our store can help you find it.