Collection: Corona Reeechlt and Trim Rollers

Corona Reeechlt and Trim Rollers

Corona's broad line of ReeechIt™ small-diameter rollers includes combos, refills, and frames. Lightweight. Perfect for painting hard-to-reach areas. Well suited for industrial, residential, marine, and many other applications. Coronas ready-made trim roller assemblies offer numerous choices in various materials and naps for residential, industrial, maintenance, and marine.

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If you’re considering giving your home a makeover you want to invest in the right tools and materials. This includes rollers, combos, refills, and frames. You can find all of this and more right here in our store.

Our go-to brand when it comes down to these products includes Corona. They make the top of the line Reeechlt and trim rollers suited for those hard to reach spaces. Their items are also very lightweight, which increases comfort while painting. Great for contractors or DIY projects, we invite you to browse through our wide selection of Corona painting essentials.

Whatever you need to complete your painting project, we’ve got it! Each of our listed items comes with a detailed description that covers size, price, and intended use. We understand that painting projects take time and hard work. offers products that will streamline your creative process by making it enjoyable and simple!

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