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Encore Brand Paint Supplies

Encore Plastics is a leading manufacturer of plastic and paper products, including caulking guns, paint trays and buckets as well as measuring containers. Encore has been a trusted brand since 1987 and is dedicated to helping the environment.

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Encore Plastics has provided high-quality paint supplies to customers since 1987, and has a permanent home in inventory. This leading manufacturer provides paper and plastic goods, ranging from buckets and paint trays, to caulking guns and more.

Encore has also created sustainable products that are environmentally friendly. Through a solid partnership, is able to supply a wide range of Encore merchandise, allowing for variety and affordability all in one place. These products are all offered at the wholesale price – a hallmark of offers a wide range of stock, from paint supplies to plumbing products and more. We utilize high standards when deciding brands and manufacturers to stock, with care given to each decision. Exploring the vast inventory will guarantee the top equipment for all your home project needs and other undertakings. With wholesale product pricing and top-notch customer service, you will not go wrong with products from The inventory is fully stocked with everything you need – so peruse the site and get started on your next big project! If you need help deciding what works for your needs, our team of experts can provide the best customer service and help you decide.