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The coronavirus pandemic of 2020 has left us with many hard lessons to learn about public health, safety, hygiene, and the prospect of severe crises that can be caused by pathogens. Although many questions remain about the highly contagious SARS-COV-2 virus, we can assume it is a dangerous microorganism that can spread by aerosol and contact means. At the, we continuously stock flu safety supplies that have become absolutely necessary in many work environments. The COVID-19 pandemic has reminded us that we cannot let our guard down with regard to seasonal pathogens and occupational health.

For various reasons, the United States has proven to be prone to severe viral and bacterial outbreaks. Let us not forget about seasonal influenza, the resurgence of measles, the common spread of norovirus, dengue outbreaks, the various strains of E. coli bacteria, and other dangerous pathogens. There was a time when flu safety supplies were mostly procured during the influenza season, but they have now become everyday items in many workplaces.

Respirator Masks

We carry a full line of R95, P100, and N100 respirator masks with filter elements that protect workers from harmful particulates. Painters usually wear this kind of facial protection when working with spray compressors, but they are now being used by contractors who must enter facilities where there is a risk of infection; we are talking about medical offices, nursing homes, schools, public buildings, and commercial spaces.

Tyvek Coveralls

Similar to respirator masks, Tyvek coveralls are also being worn by workers entering risky spaces. Since the fabric of these coveralls is non-breathable and impenetrable, the protection against direct contact by pathogens is sharply increased. We carry disposable Tyvek coveralls in various sizes. We also offer SMS three-layer coveralls complete with attached foot and head covering protection as well as elastic ties at the wrist, waist, and ankles; these are ideal to wear in spaces where infectious diseases have been detected.

Hospital-Grade Cleaner and Disinfectant

According to the World Health Organization, SARS-COV-2 can survive for more than two days on surfaces such as vinyl, plastic, steel, rubber, and even acrylic coatings; however, this virus does not survive for very long on cotton fabric or copper. When cleaning surfaces, your best bet is to use products that are already known to disinfect and kill the coronavirus, which is what the Spray Nine Cleaner accomplishes. This product, which is registered with the Environmental Protection Agency, is a tough cleaner and grease solvent that also happens to be a popular selling item at

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