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Achieve professional-looking results on any painting project with FrogTape®! Featuring PaintBlock® Technology, these brand painter’s tapes are super-absorbent and create a micro-barrier that seals the edges of the tape, preventing paint bleed and giving you crisp, clean paint lines. From basic painting applications to decorative patterns, FrogTape® is trusted by pros and makes it easy to get the job done.

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For paint tape needs, look no further than Frog Tape. FrogTape is patented crepe masking tape designed with Paintblock Technology. This technology creates a micro barrier when latex paint approaches the edges of FrogTape. This is essential to prevent bleeding, and to deliver clean lines on any paint project. FrogTape also comes in a re-sealable container to protect the painters tape and keep it ready to use.

FrogTape is a great home redesign option. Clean-cut lines, geometric shapes, and other creative elements become easy with the help of FrogTape. strives to provide the best products from the top brands and has done so with this partnership. Other paint tapes can dry out and cause bleeding when painting. FrogTape is specially designed not to do this.

Knowing what you need for a project and finding what you need for a project are two separate and important tasks. A successful project is often the result of the tools you use. Therefore, whether you are painting a nursery or tackling another home improvement project, you need the best equipment, like FrogTape. Click through the site and find everything you need – from FrogTape to foam rollers to electrical supplies and more!