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Hyde Tools has been in the drywall business since the 1950s, when they developed the industry's very first joint knife. A lot has changed since then, but what has not changed is the attention to detail Hyde uses in designing drywall tools that deliver a better finish.

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Since the 1950s, Hyde Tools has been the go-to in the drywall business. In fact, they developed the very first joint knife in the industry. Even though products and times have changed since then, Hyde Drywall Tools attention and care for detail has remained consistent. The company strives to maintain that initial innovation by providing new and cutting edge drywall products and tools. All Hyde Tools designs focuses on providing a better finish on drywall projects. has a full selection of Hyde Drywall Tools inventory. These include everything from power mixers, pointing knives, utility knives, sanding blocks, mud pans, and more. High quality drywall tools are essential in completing a drywall project that will last. Start with the right tools so you can end with a great result! recognizes and respects the innovation and consistency of Hyde Drywall Tools. This is why this brand is one of the many found in inventory at competitive wholesale pricing. Top brands and affordable prices are further backed by the stellar reputation for customer service and care found within Explore the inventory to find just what you need to get that project started – and finished!