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Hyde Tools

Hyde Tools has been an industry leader in the hand tool business for over 140 years. Today, as a favorite brand for professional contractors and DIY weekend warriors, they are most known for high-quality surface preparation and repair tools that result in a better finish when painting or staining. 

All Hyde tools are designed to make your work process easier. Their motto is “doing it the Hyde way, not the hard way, since 1875.” They back this claim up with a wide selection of products, each with design elements that make them easy to handle and use.

Their handles are constructed with soft grips that allow for cleaner and more comfortable handling. Their equipment is constructed for maximum quality, strength, and durability.  

From construction to remodels to demolition, Hyde Tools has a full line of products that are perfect for any application. They have a reputation among the repairmen and DIYers alike for being one of the best. As a favorite in the industry, you'll feel confident knowing that these tools not only get the job done, but also make the whole process easier.

At, we ensure that the customers come first. When online consumers purchase any of these from, we know you’re getting the best price for the highest quality products. Check out our selection of Hyde's tools today, and enjoy a full range of products that will speed up your repair projects!