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Hyde Wallcovering Tools

Hyde has a great selection of wallcovering tools for hanging, repairing and removing wallcoverings of every kind.

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Are you just looking to change a room's look. Here at, we carry the products you need to complete any home improvement project.

Hyde uses the highest-quality materials to make its wallcovering tools. These tools include rollers, sheers, knives, and shavers. Whether you are putting wallpaper up or tearing it down, has what you need.

We carry Hyde products because they are a trusted brand. The wheel on each hardwood roller is designed to roll smoothly over any room's walls. Their spring steel frames are guaranteed to last through different projects over the years.

If you are looking for something a little more versatile, we have you covered. Metal shavers will take off wallpaper without leaving a mark. Plus, you can use these shavers to scrape off other stubborn materials like paint or stickers.

Hyde's smoothing brushes and tools will help you make your finished product look even more presentable. If you have a particularly stubborn strip, Hyde's scoring tool will loosen adhesive using steam or a liquid remover.

Check out our selection of Hyde wallcovering tools. They'll help you complete projects more efficiently without damaging your home.