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Hyde Tools offers some of the most effective home repair solutions on the market, from their Wet & Set wall and ceiling repair patch to professional new tools for recaulking tub and tile.

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Hyde offers a line of products for repairing any type of damage done to walls. They have a selection of wall patch kits and tools to help the process go smoothly. These kits are designed to let the most inexperienced repairman fix even a major blemish.

The company offers some of the most effective solutions in the home repair industry, from their Wet & Set wall patch, to tools for recaulking tile and tub. Their products are a trustworthy way to permanently seal a crack or hole.

Hyde’s Wet & Set repair patch works on plaster and drywall and is designed to make repairs easier and faster. The next time you need to fix a wall, you can count on this product for smooth results. Unlike other patch kits on the market, this kit comes with a self-adhesive patch combined with two tubes of joint compound, which is easier to apply than spackle. It also comes with a built-in tube applicator and a smoothing tool complete with detailed instructions to help get a better finish.

Buying Hyde’s wall repair kits and tools guarantee that you’ll not only get reliable tools, but also dependable customer service if you need it.