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Hyde Masonry & Concrete Tools

From chimney-top to sidewalk, Hyde Tools manufactures a full line of high-quality professional tools for the masonry and cement applications. Their contractor-quality spring steel blades have been tempered, hardened and polished for optimum flexibility, strength and finish. Every handle, weather wood or soft grip, is designed for comfort and easy cleaning.

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Hyde Concrete and Masonry tools are designed to help in all concrete projects. They’re heavy-duty and made to ensure your maximum comfort while working. They’re perfect for workers looking to easily complete their commercial or residential projects.

These products are constructed with a soft grip for comfort and easy cleanup. Hyde forges tools from one piece of hardened, high-quality, tempered carbon steel to provide extra strength. Their line of masonry equipment is a full line of high-quality tools for all kinds of professionals.

From sidewalk work to chimney construction, Hyde offers a full line of products for perfect masonry and cement applications. Hyde has been a favorite among professionals for more than a century. With their reputation, you know the tools you’re purchasing are reliable and durable. This equipment is guaranteed to help tradesmen get the job done with their high carbon, heavy-duty steel spreaders, trowels, and other accessories.

At, our customers come first. Our goal is to ensure that you get the best products for the most reasonable prices. takes pride in offering only the highest quality supplies on our website. The brands we carry are known to be well-made, long-lasting, and sturdy, and our Hyde tools are no exception.