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Hyde Paint & Surface Preparation Tools

Hyde Tools is a long time leader in surface preparation and finishing. From specialty scrapers to time-saving spray tools, HYDE continues to redefine the painting process for contractors in the remodeling, restoration and building industries.

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Need tools to prepare a surface for painting? Hyde Tools has been a long-time leader in surface preparation and finishing. From their time-saving spray tools to speciality scrapers, Hyde continually works to provide workers with the painting equipment they need to remodel, restore, and create so much easier.

These products are constructed to help you during every step of the painting process. From scrapers to paint mixers and pail hooks, you’ll have all you need to make painting go as fast as possible. Made from quality materials, you can trust that Hyde Tools can withstand any project.

From home remodeling to building a new structure, we offer our customers a range of Hyde equipment to choose from for paint application. The brand is highly regarded in the construction industry, which means that you’re using durable and high-quality products that will last beyond your current project.

When you buy your paint preparation supplies from, you’ll find an assortment of supplies, including stainless steel, brass, and nylon brushes.'s dedication to providing their online customers with a variety of quality options ensures that you’ll find the exact tools you need for any project. And that is why we have been proud to carry Hyde Tools from the start.