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Intertape Brand

Intertape Polymer Group™ offers a full line of Industrial Tape products that meet the most demanding situations. Intertape Brand Industrial Tapes offer the best performance, quality and value for light duty to high performance applications. Intertape Brand Performance Products are engineered for specific end-use applications, manufactured to the highest quality standards, from the finest raw material components available. Providing the most comprehensive and robust product line in the industry, Intertape Polymer Group™ has the ideal solutions for your most demanding applications.

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26 Products carries Intertape products that come in handy in a variety of situations.

These products adhere to most surfaces and come off cleanly. You can trust this brand's products to do the job and not damage your home's walls, flooring, or furniture.

These high-quality items can be applied in every room of the house. We understand that what might work for one project may not work for another. That's why we've hand-selected products from Intertape to ensure you have what you need.

General-purpose masking tape is available for use in school, the office, or the craft room. We have vinyl electrical tapes for more industry-specific jobs. We also have products that can be used for securing carpeting, sealing cardboard boxes, and in theatrical applications.

For those preparing for inclement weather, we have just what you need. These adhesives are great for weather-proofing, bundling, wrapping, and sealing. They work well in a broad range of temperatures. They are also resistant to tears and mold.

Be sure to browse our selection of Intertape products. We have what you need for any project on your to-do list.