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Paint Buckets & Paint Roller Trays

Make painting tasks easier with our Paint Buckets & Paint Roller Trays! These tools are the perfect choice for all of your wall and ceiling painting needs. The bucket holds larger quantities of paint, while the roller tray provides an even surface for easy application with a roller. Get the job done quickly and efficiently!

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When painting a large space, a can of paint and a brush simply just won’t do.
Our selection of paint buckets and roller trays can assist in your next project being the best one yet. supplies a wide selection of sturdy and trustworthy paint buckets. These act as a large vessel for you to pour your paint into and get going! There’s no need for the repetitive opening of cans to slow you down.
These durable buckets can keep you going with up to 5 gallons of capacity. They also double up as a handy compartment for your tools or to get a good bit of cleaning done.
Choose your ideal roller and roller tray combo from our varied assortment. No matter what tool you need, we have it. We also do paint buckets and roller trays in one, for that added bit of convenience.
Whatever brand you opt for, will never disappoint with product quality. Our service and reliability are offered with your 100% satisfaction in mind.