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Best Respirator Masks For Coronavirus Protection

With the recent coronavirus outbreak, the global demand for respirator masks, used to protect this infectious disease from spreading, is exceeding supply. At, we are dedicated to supporting the public’s health and have created this list of the best respirator masks to use to protect yourself from coronavirus.

At we carry everything from paint to paintbrushes and paint rollers to safety products. The tools we offer are highly versatile and can be used for numerous activities.

Our respirator masks can be used for on an array of different occasions such as disease control and prevention and projects involving sanding wood, plastic, metal, cutting concrete and bricks, installing fiberglass, sanding drywall and they will protect you from potentially harmful solvent paint fumes. Explore our face masks below.

Face Masks To Protect Against Coronavirus

3M Disposable Particulate N95 Respirator 8511

The 3M 8511 Disposable Particulate N95 Respirator is useful for protecting yourself against airborne viruses and diseases such as the coronavirus. Reduce your risk of being infected by using these masks while traveling to avoid contamination from infected individuals. These N95 respirator masks are comfortable and easy to use.

Wearing N95 masks could help to prevent the spread of airborne particles from an infected person. Avoid contact with sick people, for the symptoms of the coronavirus, are fairly similar to influenza and other respiratory illnesses, such as sneezing or coughing, difficulty breathing and fever. It is recommended that you wear a medical face mask or a respirator mask such as this one, avoid close contact with people wearing surgical face masks and wash your hands regularly.

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3M Disposable Particulate N100 Respirator 8233

When wearing 3M 8233 Disposable Particulate N100 respirators while traveling to countries that have reported infected people this mask may reduce your risk of getting contaminated. You may also use this respirator mask to protect your nose and mouth when sanding wood, drywall or cutting concrete and bricks. This box comes with 10 masks. Dispose of your disposable face mask and obtain a fresh one when it becomes damaged, dirty or difficult to breathe.

Protect Yourself From Coronavirus Outbreak With Respirator Masks From ThePaintStore.Com

At ThePaintStore.Com, we provide a wide selection of tools and equipment to help you with anything from paint jobs, home improvement projects and even with public health and safety. Count on us as your supplier for disposable respirator masks to keep you and your family secure from coronavirus and other airborne illnesses.

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