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At The Paint Store, we have been supplying and manufacturing paint applicators since 1851. We believe everyone should have access to a diverse range of painting products at a click of a button, which is why we have all our Shur-Line products available online.

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We are committed to providing you with all the bare necessities for home improvement projects, and all endeavors which require top of the line paintbrushes and tools for accomplishing the paint job of your dreams.

At The Paint Store, we offer registered trademark products such as Shur-Line, which are designed to create precise lines and simplify the painting processes. Their wide variety of products includes everything from paint roller brushes with different paint roller sizes, paint roller trays, paint roller covers and paint roller shields amongst others.

Shur-Line Products

With our Shur-Line products, we can assure you that you will always paint inside the lines and avoid the risk of damaging your ceilings or floors with colored paint. Shur-line brushes and roller frames are precise and fulfill the standards of a perfectionist.

If you are looking for the best paint roller cover for interior walls, look no further. We guarantee Shur-Line’s different paint roller types will pull-off any meticulous paint job, effortlessly. From mini paint rollers including 1-inch paint roller and 2-inch paint rollers to long paint roller handles and paint roller frames, Shur-Line has got it all! Explore our broad range of products below.

Shur-Line Paint Rollers

Paint Rollers come in handy when you must paint corners or paint around different objects embedded in the walls. Due to their cylinder shape, they can cover a wider range of wall surfaces in comparison to conventional paintbrushes.

Simply dip your paint roller into a tray and roll out the excess paint with the rutted surface on the tray. Paint your wall with V shapes so you can get a consistent and even surface. Shur-Line foam paint rollers won’t leave traces of lint as you paint or negatively intervene with your paint process whatsoever.

You won’t have to waste time continuously dipping your brush in paint, because paint rollers are composed out of foam making them super absorbent and capable of holding much more paint in substantial quantities. Efficiency is key when engaging in a paint job, Shur-Line paint rollers will cover large surfaces with paint in a timely manner so you can make your spaces look dreamy in no time.

Foam Mini Roller 4”

This foam mini roller provides an even finish onto your surfaces; free from lumps or indentations. You may use it with enamels, varnishes, and glossy paints. It comes with its own 4” paint roller cover which paints corners and walls simultaneously.

Discover our Shur-Line Flocked Mini Roller Refills which are compatible with this paint roller! Once your mini roller can no longer absorb paint because it has reached is maximum usage, replace it with these and continue painting and rolling! Mini roller refills fit all handle sizes.

Foam Corner Roller

If you want to be really precise with painting your corners you can depend on this paint roller brush which is designed and shaped to accomplish inch-perfect artwork. This corner roller is compatible and can be used with latex and oil-based paints. We do not recommend utilizing lacquer or shellac with this roller.

Twist-N-Reach Roller Frame

With this paint roller, you can cover more surfaces due to its twist and reach feature. It also has a built-in extension pole with a length of 34” so that you don’t have to use a ladder or step-up stool to paint your ceiling.

Shur-Line Paint Pads

Paint pads are ideal for painting with supreme precision. The short handle allows you to control where the paint goes and is especially helpful when you have to reach tight spaces like corners, between shelves or wooden wall panels. Execute all your painting jobs with paint pads to accomplish a high grade and professional level of quality. Explore our Shur-Line Paint Pads below.

Interior/Exterior Pad Painter

The pad painter allows every paint job to be error-free, it is specifically designed so you can achieve a smooth and even coat of paint on your surfaces. You can easily paint around the light switches implemented on walls and any other physical obstruction without painting over them due to its rectangular shape.

Premium Pad Painter

This Shur Line paint pad is premium due to its precise control for painting, staining, and varnishing. You can use this for walls and objects such as sashes, shutters, louvers, and frames, that need the dedicated attention required in order to skillfully do the job. Compatible with latex, oil-based paints, enamels, varnishes, and adhesives. Complete it with the Shur-Line Foam Roller.

Shur-Line Paint Pad & Trim Tool

This handy painter is 6 inches and can be used with all sorts of paints and stains. If you are looking for a tool that does really precise work this paint pad will do the trick. Its edges will take care of painting your corners and smoothing your edges.

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We carry all the tools necessary so that you can paint your spaces with delicacy and accuracy, from paint buckets to painter clothes and sanding sponges to safety products and ladders and much more from the best brands. Count on us to supply you with top-of-the-line products so you can do a neat painting job.

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